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Midnight Caper are three friends who know the power of the pedal to make us better men/husbands/fathers/business owners. Raised by immigrant parents on the Left Coast from Seattle to Portland to Los Angeles, we quest for Caper through sport, music, art, family and faith. Building on our backgrounds in fashion, marketing and the non-profit sector, we are bringing our unique vision and aesthetic to cycling gear that allows us to Caper Daily.

“I don’t know how it happened but suddenly I could ride and I knew immediately that this bike would change my life by extending the range of my games. It was as if a new landscape had opened up before me, or rather as if part of the horizon had got closer. A bicycle implies exploration: criss-cross lanes, secret routes, disused quarries. It came to mean races with my cousins or trips to the coast. By letting him travel further from home, a bike gives a child a greater sense of space and a new freedom. One’s first glimpse of freedom, in fact, is often snatched from a bike. By turning the pedals you can move more quickly towards your most secret dreams.”

-Bernard Hinault, Memories of the Peloton