Ride Journal Entry - Dec. 31, 2022 by @douhwa

(Our good friend @douhwa recently relocated from Los Angeles, Ca. to Pittsburgh, Pa. and this is his first winter there. The best way to see and explore any city is on a bicycle - so we've asked him to do a ride journal for us to share here so we can follow along with him) - captions in italics were added by myself (Jason)

New Year’s Eve, mid-40s, light rain all day.

Not the greatest day for heading outside, but after the arctic blast, this felt pleasant enough - and i was really craving a cappuccino from La Prima.

still frozen.

(yellow) bridges. (Steeler Nation - Los Angeles should have a Dodger Blue Bridge somewhere in Elysian Park)

no standing room inside. 😑

second location down the street. success!

empty streets and bike lanes. (A two-way bike lane...take note LADOT this is how  it's done...)

more bridges.

RIP, Franco.

not a bike. (Is there a @smalldumbgolfcarts account?)



p.s. i should get fenders.

p.p.s. non drive side forever.